Where is your company’s server hosted?


It’s an important question. Do you know why?

The new era of technology has allowed us to have more information than ever, information that we do not know where to accumulate. Currently more and more companies use the services of cloud storage.

Is it important that Spanish companies hire storage services in Spain and not any other countries? It is very important because the choice of server can determine the future of your company.

There is a clear and concise advantage to choosing a server in your own country: time. The loading speed, both for files and servers, can be decisive. Clients are demanding, they value their time very much, and they hate wasting it. Therefore, given the wide range of storage possibilities, your company must be fast and secure, generating confidence in consumers that will retain them.

Your SME will comply with the LOPD, that is, the Spanish data protection regulations. You can forget about the legal problems that you would have if you had the service of a foreign company, since these protective regulations vary on each country.

The best alternative where to store our information is the storage clouds. The image that you will offer, both to your clients and to your staff, is that you bet on national products according to your company. Which will allow you to have a more concise and clear brand image for your target audience.

It is normal that doubts arise when you use a certain storage cloud, therefore, it is important that the server is in your language, since it will solve your problems without the need for translators or “headaches”.

For this reason, choose a Spanish virtual server over a foreign one, such as the one provided by Clouding360. Clouding360 is a company founded and located in Barcelona, ​​it covers the needs for all types of businesses, whether you are self-employed or SMEs.

What advantage does Clouding360 have for your company?

To respond to any dilemma, we are always at your disposal. Our service is personal and close to the client, providing confidence and solving your problems. Always adapting to your needs.

There’s no initial investment and you will pay only what you spend, thus eliminating billing costs. In addition, it is not necessary to update your servers, and there are no user limits for your company. You’ll have the confidence of having your information close to you, which will always be safe, thanks to its daily copies.

All you need is the Internet, the rest is done by Clouding360.

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