No tickets
No subcontracts.
No outsourcing.

BWelcome to the only independent Clouding company.
Welcome to Clouding360.

We know
what really matters.


Our own serversin Barcelona.

We don't have outsourced servers in Germany or in the US, so you won't hear anyone trying to dodge the issue if something happens.


We don't use tickets or a switchboard.

Attention and care are the essence of what we do.
Nobody likes to wait: we need solutions NOW.


No extra costs or surprises on the bill.


Full integration

It doesn't matter what software your company depends on: it will be more secure in the Cloud.

Our team.
Our values.

To solve problems.
To not cause them.

Information technology exists to help us, and not to complicate our lives: forget about stoppages, issues with equipment and systems.


People servicing people.

We hate being served by a bot or a switchboard as much as you do. That is why we pick up the phone ouselves.

There is no solution
if there is no speed

Companies can't be paralyzed by computer issues and even less by taking time to fix them. We give you solutions and we give them now!

Commitment to

our environment

The main advantage of Clouding for our environment: 0 waste generation. Your company wins, the planet wins as well.


People helping people

Imagine picking up the phone and talking to a person. To a person!

Òscar Campos

Project Manager

Sergi Negre

Systems Engineer

Oscar Sosa

Technical Support

Steven Carrasco

Insfraestructure manager

Social Commitment

Every year,
53.6 million tons of electronic waste are generated

Only Clouding can help us stop this madness that is going to ruin our planet. Start working without generating computer waste by renewing equipment or systems.