The virtual server is the best method to share the information of your SME


The backup is a duplicate of our most important information, which we execute to protect the files, photos, videos, etc., of our computer or laptop, in case a problem occurs that makes it impossible for us to access the originals.

All organizations or companies should have a competent backup. Currently 90% of companies have backup software where backup copies are made, and 10% take care to extract this data properly from the site and save it for a long time. If there is a theft, fire or any other type of misfortune, both the information and said internal copies will disappear.

Therefore, the backup is a fundamental element to save documents or files of vital importance. The benefits that a backup can bring are:

Ability to react to a computer error: this translates into the ability to restore information efficiently
Complementary security: it is an additional option for data protection
Increased customer confidence: the security delivered by a backup increases customer confidence

Get the backup copy of Clouding360 and do not worry about checking that the daily copies are made correctly and extracting said information safely, because it is done in two independent DATACENTERs. A daily backup of your files and in duplicate!

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