Our evolution towards modern computing


We left the hardware and the software behind and we entered the modern computing hand in hand with our new project, Clouding 360.

At Ctrl 360, we offer help, especially to SMEs, with all problems that may arise, providing both solutions and IT infrastructure services. We are a company that was born in 2005, collaborating day after day with our clients and, thanks to them, evolving in giant leaps.

But our cover letter has changed, and our way of working has taken a 180-degree turnaround. Our services are now alternatives to traditional computing, since all our help and the different solutions we provide to companies are carried out through a computer system with a virtualization environment towards the Clouding 360 cloud.

Clouding 360 has a “CPD” DATA CENTER with its own and private infrastructure not including third parties or distributors, located in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona) and classified as TIER 3 CPD, a level that offers maximum security, quality and guarantee of availability.

Our CPD consists of a physical space specially designed and conditioned to house computers and computer servers, storage systems, telephone switchboards, firewalls and high-performance switches, power supply etc. .. and all completely redundant.

Clouding 360 ensures you speed. The power of our servers is guaranteed due to the efficiency of very fast cores, a wide bandwidth, SSD disk cabinets and incredible performance.

We are certified by VMware and we have our own private virtualization data center.

Security is taken very seriously in this company and that is why we have redundant firewalls where we apply strong measures to detect unreliable IPs and prevent them from connecting to your servers.

Our services focus on any problem or demand that may arise internally, mainly from micro or SMEs, offering a comprehensive service, in addition to other services through the management and coordination of different providers in a transparent way.

It is essential that the Cloud adapts to the rhythm of your company’s work. Whether you need a virtual machine with one or 50 users, our server will work 100% all the time.

In addition, we keep copies of the Cloud Server daily and weekly in different locations so your work will always be insured and you will never lose a single document again.

We are very proud of this new project and we would like each and every one of our clients to feel the same, and continue to trust us, as they have done for more than 12 years.

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