Advantages of hiring a storage server with antivirus


Migrating the documents and information of our company to storage clouds has implied the incorporation of an antivirus to the cloud servers.
Cloud servers are still in a transition process for companies. Every day more people opt for a storage cloud where they can safely store their reports, documents and information.

Storage services must transmit total security to their clients, demonstrating that their intangible assets are safe and always at their disposal. For this reason, the concept of online antivirus takes on a high relevance in the day-to-day life of these public or private servers.

You ask yourself, what is an antivirus in the cloud? It is a solution for our storage clouds. It allows us not to overload our virtual hard disk and periodic updates are no longer needed.

The data that the client modifies will be simultaneously updated in the different files located in the cloud.

Do you think it is expensive? Its price is less than that of a complete software package. Just take into account the location of the processing.

Kaspersky Antivirus Security is the perfect security and adapted to micro companies, home office, small and large companies.

It contains built-in protection for corporate networks of any size or level of complexity against all types of current cyber threats.

Meet Clouding 360, a storage server for companies that offers Kaspersky antivirus security among its services. Get in touch with us and get your private cloud storage server.

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